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Furniture Colors

Furniture Colors are used to show the different re-colors of Habbo Furni. Lines line Iced, Mode and even the different Plants, Vases and other stuff, you get when you buy Habbo Coins and Diamonds, are re-colored furni.

Imagine this: You open Paint or another drawing software on your PC, make a square box with a 1 pixel black border. The box are white inside. Then you take the paint bucket and fill in the box with a red color. That is kinda how Habbo do re-coloered furniture. Because of that, you will need to do a check when displaying the furni, to see if it got a color_id.

The example below will check if a furniture got a color_id attached to it.

// Get furniture from our API
$api_url = 'https://api.habboapi.net/furni';
$furnis = json_decode(file_get_contents($api_url), true);
foreach($furnis['data'] as $furni){
	// Check if furniture is re-colored
	if(count($furni['colors']) > 0){
		foreach($furni['colors'] as $color){
			// Echo out furniture with color_id
			echo $furni['image'] . '?color=' . $color['color_id'];
		// Echo out furniture without color_id
		echo $furni['image'];


Not many furniture at re-colored, but you will need this to display them correctly.

Why not do this Automaticly?

That is how Habbo has made their furniture setup. They will most likely stick to same setup in the new 2020 client. This mean that we will be forced to redo our backend also. When we do this, we will make this process automatic, so you dont need to check on request.

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