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Furni Endpoint

The Furniture Endpoint is used for getting one or more Furni items, displayed on your Habbo fansite. This can for example be used to show a list of the latest added Furni to Habbo, or a list of all Iced Furni. You can sort by lines and more.

You can see a list of different examples, of uses for the endpoint, below.

List Furniture

  1. trading_table name
  2. Paradise Found
  3. Perfect Lagoon Water
  4. Grassy Lagoon Patch
  5. Decorative Cupboard Seat
  6. Ornate Carved Table
  7. Aranya the Elephant
  8. Wood Carving Set (non-crackable)
  9. Paddle Canoe Section
  10. Traditional Thai Stove
  11. Stilt House Roof
  12. Paddle Canoe Seat
  13. Wood Carving Set
  14. Varnished Thai Table
  15. Delicious Street Food
  16. Angled Railings
  17. Mangrove Crab
  18. Gold Leaf God
  19. Stilt House Arch
  20. Pungent Market Fruits
  21. Stilt House Platform
  22. Carved Wooden Sofa
  23. Traditional Thai Statue
  24. Stilt House Roof Block
  25. Straw Ceiling Lamp
  26. Lagoon Mangrove
  27. Sacred Lagoon Tree
  28. Paddle Canoe
  29. Lagoon Crag
  30. Pillow Stack
  31. Stilt House Walkway
  32. Stilt House Wall
  33. Meticulously Carved Wardrobe
  34. Dish of Candles
  35. Thai Market Stall
  36. High Backed Chesterfield
  37. Soul Food
  38. Tick Tock Influencer
  39. Crow in a Cage
  40. Solver of Mysteries
  41. Silverback Gorilla
  42. Embroidered Parasol
  43. Investigator's Medkit
  44. Novelist's Writing Desk
  45. Crime Novel Collection
  46. Study Rug
  47. Bike of your Dreams
  48. Number 221H

Single Furniture

  1. Name: trading_table name

  2. Code: trading_table

  3. Furni ID: 11835

  4. Found:

  5. Line: misc

trading_table name

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