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Clothing Directions

Clothing Directions are used to set the direction of the Clothing. Most Clothing got different directions and we return those with the Endpoint Response. Each direction comes with a direction image, to make it even easier for you. You can also use direction as a URL Parameter, when requesting a furni.

The example below, will get the furniture with the code clothing_fishhat, in it's second direction.


Most Clothing got 2 but very rare you find one with 4 directions. There are also some clothing that got no directions at all. The amount of directions are returned with the request.

How do I use it?

It's pretty simple. You keep the returned direction_id's in a PHP Array, for example. Then you use Javascript or jQuery, to update the element url with the provided directions_id's, on a click event.

You can browse Google for examples, make it yourself or check this Stackoverflow question, that provide at fully working example: Shuffle through an Array on button click.

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