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For more than 3 years, HabboAPI has been free to use. And we intend to keep it that way - but that do not mean that we would not love some support. It is costly to run the API. Private server and Domain costs are the biggest and most important to cover for us.

If you feel like it, we would love a helping hand. You can do that in multiple ways.


If you decide to support us with cryptocurrency, it will be anonymous. We have no way of verify that it is you.

Bitcoin: 1Mh9W9LX2L776kde9rK5uuHRmwZxhp7m8i

Ethereum: 0xAAc259aFf47F2736370C95D688d2B030EDa7E963

Litecoin: LfoZAiVf8UdPrQxman2phuxFqA7h5BVHNk


All our Patreons will be listed below, with a special thanks.

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