HabboAPI Documentation

Frequently asked questions

You can find a list of frequently asked questions below. Note that we recommend that you read the API documentation twice, to really understand what is going on.


How do HabboAPI obtain it's data?

We scan XML files hosted on Habbo's servers. From those files, we find root directorys on Badges and on Furniture & Clothing .swf files. We break those .swf files down and make images from the layers. Last we compare the data from the XML files with the item images.

How often do you scan?

We do that every 5 minute on all our 3 endpoints. You can see when we last scanned an endpoint, on our Status page.

What are the accuracy of data collected?

Pretty good. Not perfect, but good.

Can I find badges from my hotel only?

Yes! Use the URL Parameter hotel=YOUR_HOTEL on your request.

Why cant I get furniture names in my language?

We are working on fixing that. We would like to make it so it is predicted by the hotel=YOUR_HOTEL URL Parameter, like it is with badges.

What about furniture animations?

That is something we will add in the new rewrite of the API. Since Habbo has to redo their client, they will most likely do a lot of changes in the back-end. That will force us to rewrite the most of our API. At that point, we will also add missing features, like furniture animations.

How do you get the data for the Habbos endpoint?

We use the public (but undocumented) Habbo API that Habbo uses for their profile pages. Because it was so undocumented, we decided to add it to our API endpoints and make it all a lot easier for fansite creators.

How often do my Habbo data get updated?

Your Habbo data, will be updated each time you or someone else, search up your Habbo or one of your Habbo friends.

Can I suggest new features?

Sure you can! Tweet us on Twitter and we will take a look at your idea.

Can I contact the developers behind?

That is also something you will have to do through Twitter.